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Thank you for having been using our products for a long time.

The manufacturer: ISFETCOM had no choice but to decide to

discontinue pH Meters:S2K712 and S2K922 last years.

Due to the worldwide shortage of electronic parts supply, key

parts(such as semiconductor, crystal oscillator and others)

used in the pH meters had been discontined one after another.

So these parts had been rapidly disappearing from the market.

As the result, the manufacturer could not produce these models

any more.

ynew modelz

The new models:S2K222 and S2K333 were launched at the end

of January this year. Overwhelming stability and response speed

have been achieved by changing the internal circuit and updating

all the programs with new parts.

yreference electrodez

R2K712 Reference Electrode can be used with both S2K222/S2K333

and S2K712/S2K922.

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S2K222 / S2K333


   Manufacture: ISFETCOM Co.,Ltd.