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ISFET pH meter S2K222 & S2K333


                      @ Smallest sample

                          The world's first pH measurement with a very small sample of 0.05 ml

                          has become possible.

                      A Further improvement of performance

                                    Overwhelming stability and response speed have been achieved by

                                    changing the internal circuit and updating all the programs with

                                    new parts.

                           B Easy to use by one point calibration

                                    Two-point or three-point calibration is more prone to error than

                                    one-point calibration. Because as the number of operation steps increases,

                                    the possibility of error increases. This is a general measurement human

                                    error problem. Although S2K series : two point calibration is also possible.

                           C HACCP compliant

                                   In food industry, glass may break and get into food. Our pH Meter

                                   has non-glass, unbreakable silicon micro-sensor free from glass.

                           D Easy to store and maintenance

                                   Can be stored at room temperature and in a dry state. Maintenance is only

                                    to clean with tap water after use.

                           E Economical

                                   When the liquid in Reference Electrode is reduced, only to replace it's

                                   Reference Electrode with new one.

                            F Waterproof



Waterproof pocket size pH Meter
 Standard Model S2K222 

Waterproof pocket size pH Meter
 High-end Model S2K333






Replaceable Reference Electrode


available for following pH Meters


(made by ISFETCOM)


(made by Shindengen)


※ There are two kinds of IQ120 / IQ125
    One is made by Shindengen JAPAN MADE (carved seal in backside) 
    and is OEM models of IQ Scientific Instruments. 
    The other is made by Hach of USA
    R2K712 is not available for IQ120/IQ125 made by Hach
    Two kinds of IQ120/IQ125 vary in the appearance as per attached photo. 
    (Upper side view is made by Hach. Lower side view is made by Shindengen.) 



What Is ISFET?

ISFET is an acronym for Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor, 
and was also used as the origin of the manufacturer's name, 

pH meter

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S2K222 / S2K333


    Manufacture: ISFETCOM Co.,Ltd.