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ISFET pH meter S2K712 & S2K922

                   ISFETCOM- S2K712 unbreakable ISFET pH Meter

                   This advanced Pocket ISFET pH Meter gives fast, accurate pH readings

                   with samples as small as 50uL.

                   The non-glass, ISFET pH sensors eliminates problems associated with

                   delicate glass pH Meters (see:


                   One-point calibration and pH & temperature readings in seconds make this an

                   ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


                   The R2K712 silicon electrode sensor is compatible with IQ Scientifics'

                   Mini-Lab Pocket pH meters IQ120,  IQ125 & IQ128. ( see:

Waterproof pocket size pH Meter

Waterproof pocket size pH Meter

Click! large pH meter S2K712 pic.

Click! large pH meter S2K922 pic.

pH meter  S2K712

pH meter  S2K922



Reference Electrode


(also available for
KS701 / KS723 / IQ120 / IQ125
maide by Shindengen only)


※ There are two kinds of IQ120 / IQ125
    One is made by Shindengen JAPAN MADE (carved seal in backside) 
    and is OEM models of IQ Scientific Instruments. 
    The other is made by Hach of USA
    R2K712 is not available for IQ120/IQ125 made by Hach
    Two kinds of IQ120/IQ125 vary in the appearance as per attached photo. 
    (Upper side view is made by Hach. Lower side view is made by Shindengen.) 




Unbreakable Non-glass, unbreakable silicon micro-sensors
Easy to use conveniet one-point calibratiion 
  (two point calibration is also possible)
Economical replaceable reference electrode
Stores dry need no maintenance
Smallest sample Only one drop, 0.05ml of sample is required.

What Is ISFET?

ISFET is an acronym for Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor, 
and was also used as the origin of the manufacturer's name, 

pH meter

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S2K712 / S2K922


    Manufacture: ISFETCOM Co.,Ltd.